You Are Only as Good as Your Employees

By John Newett, President and CEO of Indiana Members Credit Union

By John Newett, President and CEO of Indiana Members Credit Union

At Indiana Members Credit Union (IMCU), our employees are core to our operation and paramount to our success. We value their input, feedback and commitment to providing our members impeccable service. A culture of happy, engaged employees results in better service and a focus on guiding members through their financial journeys and achieving their financial goals. That doesn’t happen overnight or by accident!

Our leadership is devoted to fostering an employee-centric culture dedicated to employee success, transparency and community involvement, all through investment in our team. While that investment begins with competitive compensation, it doesn’t stop there. Here are five key factors to consider:


We invest in our employees’ benefits, ensuring they can achieve financial success and enjoy a good quality of life, translating into higher job satisfaction, performance and member service. Our benefits include a pension plan, subsidized health insurance, company-funded life and disability insurance, generous paid time off, profit sharing, bonus pay and tuition reimbursement assistance. In addition, we provide opportunities for growth and advancement through many other employee-focused initiatives.

Mentorship and Development

Through our evolving mentorship program, we encourage employees to share their personal goals, evaluate areas of opportunity and provide a path for development. Our mentorship program is designed to facilitate opportunities that can assist employees in advancing their careers and reinforcing our corporate culture. The program is designed to support both a personal and professional development strategy. We aim to invest in and develop our future leaders internally and consider it vital to our succession planning.

Work Culture

IMCU nurtures a culture of collaboration and respect where employees are valued and supported. We have completed over 30 mergers in our history and acquired a bank in 2020. We have always worked hard to integrate those employees into our larger team, making them a part of our IMCU family. A family-like atmosphere for our employees and members is a big part of our philosophy. We consistently look for ways to have “fun” in our daily work life. Some of our efforts include food truck Fridays, cupcake truck visits, holiday ham giveaways and more. We recently rolled out a “fun fund,” providing funds for branches and departments to experience team building and bonding as a smaller group. We find that work relationships are often fostered better outside of the normal work routine.

Personal Connection

Our executive leadership strives to maintain a personal connection with the entire team: hosting an annual employee gathering, regularly recognizing above-and-beyond service through “Shout Outs” with prizes of recognition, and a continual effort to visit branches and departments (with breakfast, lunch or snacks) to connect with all levels of the team. We recently started a “lunch and listen” program, taking small groups of employees out to lunch to hear their issues, obtain feedback and get to know each other a little better.

Community Give-Back

IMCU promotes and offers employees opportunities to give back. Employees are encouraged to volunteer and support the communities in which we serve. We often host “jean days” to celebrate or donate to a designated cause and offer volunteer experiences coordinated through our foundation. Recent volunteer experiences include coat drives, food drives, backpack stuffing, Habitat for Humanity builds and toy collections. Our employees are valued, respected and vital to IMCU’s past, present and future success. We recognize that our team is only as good as our employees!