How NAFCU is Elevating Your Efforts

By B. Dan Berger, NAFCU President and CEO

B. Dan Berger, NAFCU President and CEO

NAFCU was established 55 years ago as our founders saw the need for a strong, united credit union voice in Washington, D.C. Throughout the past five and a half decades, our organization has earned the reputation of getting things done for our members.

We’re able to accomplish this because of our direct membership structure. The NAFCU Board of Directors is comprised of credit union leaders, elected by peers, who offer strategic insights into our efforts—from the issues we advocate for, to the educational resources and compliance assistance we offer. These strategic decisions are also informed by what we’re hearing directly from members. Whether it’s feedback during committee meetings, questions you pose in the NAFCU Networks or trends our research and compliance teams see—you influence what we do.

Our members are the foundation of our success. Which is why we’ve launched a new campaign—#NAFCUNation—to amplify your voices and share your stories in our ongoing advocacy and public outreach efforts.

Credit unions are the white hats of the financial services industry. As community-based, cooperative institutions, you exist to meet your members’ financial needs and goals. The products and services you offer directly reflect your membership. You work hard to keep costs low so more people have access to them. You invest in programs that support your local communities and enhance members’ financial literacy. You offer affordable loans and lines of credit to help Main Street small businesses thrive and to support members throughout various life stages.

You do all of these things in difficult economic times, complex regulatory environments and even threatening legislative efforts. When big banks leave communities and create banking deserts, you fight for the ability to serve them. You put your members and their best interests first.

#NAFCUNation is all about touting this credit union difference. Because while you—and your employees and members—know the good things you do, the truth is there is often a lack of awareness of what credit unions are and why you’re the best option for financial services.

As the leading advocate for credit unions, we’ve found that lawmakers and regulators are more receptive when we have real-life anecdotes of how their decisions are impacting—for better or worse—people’s financial success. We’ve seen this evidenced in our grassroots campaigns: lawmakers are responsive to their constituents’ concerns and needs. Public perception also plays a key role in driving policy, which is why it’s important to share your successes far and wide.

Raising awareness of the positive impact credit unions have on communities across the nation is a priority for NAFCU. Through small business lending that strengthens our communities, consumer-focused lending to help Americans achieve their dreams, and secure products and services to keep finances safe, your efforts unlock unlimited economic potential unlike any other economy in the world.

We encourage you to share your success stories with us at so we can amplify the credit union difference from coast to coast. We know credit unions are the best choice for financial services. Take pride in the good work you do for your members and tell us about it—soon the entire nation will know it, too. 

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