Get to Know the 2023 Innovation Award Finalists

Randy Salser, President, NAFCU Services

It’s time to recognize this year’s credit union innovations! Our Preferred Partners consistently deliver transformational products and services for the credit union industry, and the nominees for our 2023 Innovation Awards prove just that. I’m excited to share a snapshot of this year’s award finalist solutions.

DefenseStorm Cyber Risk Readiness IQ from DefenseStorm
An online self-evaluation tool designed to give credit unions a view of their cyber risk readiness.

DefenseStorm Fraud Fusion Center from DefenseStorm
A quarterly collaborative roundtable discussion to share intelligence, coordinate efforts and take action
against cybercriminals.

Loan Service Desk from Dovenmuehle
An application that simplifies and expedites the mortgage servicing request resolution process.

Card Suite from FIS
A card management application that lets credit unions compete against large financial institutions
with a modern, feature-rich solution.

Pre-authorized Benefit Increase from Franklin Madison
A tool that lets credit unions provide a customized way for members to increase their insurance benefits.

ALIRO from LendKey
A loan participation platform designed to revolutionize how credit unions manage their balance sheets,
minimize risk and optimize liquidity.

Lenders Protection Enhanced Scorecard from Open Lending
A product that expands auto lending inclusivity and improves loan decisioning accuracy.

3(16) Fiduciary Overlay Services from Pentegra
A service that manages the overall operations and adminstrative tasks associated with a
credit union’s retirement plan.

Persistent Digital Credit Union Solution from Persistent
A cloud-based integratoin layer built on API Gateway that allows a bank or a credit union to go live
with a digital offering in a short timeframe.

Derivatives Platform from Piper Sandler
A full-service, end-to-end solution for credit unions looking to build a hedging capability.

Balance Sheet Efficiency Model from Piper Sandler
A customizable quantitative model for credit unions to analyze multiple facets of balance sheets
and identify balance sheet strategies.

Q2 Innovation Studio from Q2
A marketplace-geared approach to adopt, integrate and deploy digital banking products solutions
to members.

CentrixPIQS Automated Risk Reviews from Q2
A solution that monitors and manages risk reviews, ACH, RDC and wire activity.

Interactive Toolkit from Securian Financial Group
A collection of research findings and recommendations for credit unions to improve member experiences.

First Party Fraud Flags from SentiLink
A solution to address blind spots in fraud detection and hard-to-detect credit manipulation scams.

Digital Storefront from TruStage
An ecommerce platform that provides tailored offers directly to consumers as an embedded component
of digital banking solutions.

Integrated Content Service Solution from TruStage
An API-enabled integration that provides educational content and a provisional quote to members
within their digital loan application.

Auto Retail Lending from Upstart
A solution that enables credit unions to expand their indirect auto lending program at higher margins
using AI technology.

Retail Performance Engine from Velocity Solutions
A digital ecosystem that maximizes each stage of the retail checking performance and provides a
360-degree view into member relationships.

OmniVault from Wolters Kluwer
A solution built to handle loan origination channel diversity, eliminate complexities and reduce
operational and time costs.

The winners of this year’s Innovation Awards will be announced at NAFCU’s Lending Conference in November.