Executive Spotlight: Alvin Cowans

    Alvin Cowans, President and CEO, McCoy Federal Credit Union

    Q: What led you to the credit union sector, and McCoy Federal Credit Union?

    A: I began my financial career working in the Savings and Loan industry, specifically in a management training program. I was able to rise through the ranks to Assistant Vice President being responsible for managing four branch locations in Florida. Because of a merger that would have led to relocating my family, I instead joined McCoy Federal Credit Union. My wife worked for Orange County Public Schools at the time and managed our family accounts through the school system’s credit union. I was very familiar with credit unions and their products and services, and very familiar with credit union language so it was a natural fit.

    Q: What’s your leadership style? How do you lead an engaged team?

    A: My leadership style centers around the “Team” concept, that is why we call ourselves “Team McCoy.” I am a former college and professional athlete and grew up participating in sports and on sports teams. Through those experiences, I learned the value of teamwork, playing your role, how to get along with others, how to be dependable, and the importance of being reliable. I learned the value of completing tasks in a timely matter and the importance of bringing your A-Game to work each and every day. I lead an engaged team by leading by example.

    Q: Why is community service and philanthropy important to you and McCoy FCU?

    A: McCoy FCU is a community-based credit union by its charter, and we are responsible to live out the meaning of our charter. Our mission and vision spell out our mandate to build solid relationships within our field of membership, upon the foundation of honesty and trust. We are encouraged to be strategic partners to both our members and the communities we serve. We have pledged to provide affordable financial products and services and do so beyond their expectations.

    Q: How do you prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion, both within your credit union and in terms of the community you serve?

    A: As an NCUA Low-Income Designated Credit Union, our credit union serves a very diverse community. We believe that our Board, our Management Team, and our staff, should mirror the community we serve, and we do. Our strategies, goals, priorities, and initiatives must focus on making sure everyone is served. We keep these things at the forefront of all actions we take, and we monitor the results of those actions.

    Q: Tell me about the McCoy Federal Credit Union Valencia Foundation Scholarship and the initiatives at McCoy FCU that foster financial literacy in younger generations.

    A: The Scholarship is an endowed scholarship started many years ago with Valencia College and it is offered to deserving students who are making a concerted effort to further their education. We work with Valencia to identify students of need who could use a little help in pursuing their goals. We are also actively involved with school teach-ins, and special financial literacy initiatives. We teach to a group of High School students throughout the school year, in a program called “Progress Success,” which provides budgeting and investment understanding basics. We also offer a youth savings program, rewarding students for their efforts in saving.