Empowered Employees Deliver Member Service Under Extreme Circumstances

B. Dan Berger, NAFCU President and CEO

As the coronavirus pandemic drags on, NAFCU is continuously strategizing and pivoting in real time to keep one step ahead of the next challenge facing the credit union industry. Times like these are reminders of the importance of having a nimble team — one that adapts quickly to changes in the marketplace and is focused on delivering extreme member service.

And I am reminded of what matters most in any organization: people.

NAFCU’s readiness has allowed us to make a seamless transition to full-time telework during this difficult time. While doing so, we have empowered and entrusted our employees to lead. In response, our team has pushed boundaries and showed up for our membership Every. Single. Day.

As we look back on the first months of this pandemic, I am amazed by how hard our team worked, the grit they displayed, and their shared determination to innovate. Despite numerous challenges, we worked together and redeveloped many of our products, services and educational offerings.

Since the pandemic began, our team stepped up to launch our first-ever virtual State of the Industry event, develop a webinar roadshow to remotely deliver state-specific insights across the nation and create an online human resources network to help credit unions better manage the current crisis.

Additionally, NAFCU’s award-winning advocacy team has continued to fight for you in conversations and videoconferences with key Washington policymakers. Our relentless advocacy efforts have helped credit  unions secure numerous legislative and regulatory wins from Congress, the NCUA, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the Federal Reserve and other agencies.

Yet with so many policy changes coming out of Washington, credit unions needed a helping hand to stay on top of these new laws and regulations. NAFCU’s compliance team has exceeded expectations for extreme member service: We have responded to more than 40 inquiries per business day — in addition to publishing our blogs and other compliance resources — and we will continue to answer the call for your team.

This has been a whirlwind year, but our team has taken an all-hands-on-deck approach to guiding the credit union industry though this difficult and uncertain time. Our hard work has been well worth the effort, knowing how valuable it has been for our credit union members.

At the core of our success is a devoted team comprising people who believe deeply in the good work credit unions do to serve their members. The pandemic has allowed us to further empower our team to take ownership and responsibility of new  tasks,  and in turn, they delivered for you.

Because to us, it’s personal.

Connect with Dan Berger on Twitter @BDanBerger and on his blog at www.nafcu.org/berger-leadership-blog.